Electronic Claims Submissions - HIPAA Compliant and ICD10 Ready

Looking for easy web-based claims submissions and financial reporting without the complexity and licensing costs of traditional purchased software? Read on...

Try this experiment. Take your hands off the keyboard. Does your practice management software continue to do useful work? If not it is probably passive software. Paradoxically, offices using passive software still have work to perform if they want to bill, submit claims, or generate recalls. This is costly and inefficient on many levels.

If you are an EyeCareConnect user, you have active software. You can enter a patient visit, and just walk away from the computer. Without any additional effort, an insured patient's claim will be sent that night for you, if you so desire. The active software does that.

Thirty days later, if the patient has an unpaid balance, that patient will receive a professional quality billing statement with a return envelope, if you so desire. The active software does that too.

By this time next year, if the patient hasn't scheduled an exam, a recall postcard like the one below will be mailed as a reminder, if you so desire. Again, it's the active software, not your already overworked office staff doing all this labor.

EyeCareConnect users can throw out their supply of blank recall cards, HCFA/CMS 1500 forms, and patient billing statements. They understand that an automated office no longer needs them.

How well could your office run without all those time-wasting and archaic forms of daily work? Our users are reporting surprising results. Their offices run smoother, and staff can concentrate more on the patient's needs than on redundant paperwork. The bottom line: automating accounts receivable handling for claims and patient bills can generate more cash flow, at a faster rate than by doing it manually.

And if you run more than one office, all these benefits are magnified when you can manage, report upon, and review every office from a single chair. Securely, in real time, anywhere an internet connected PC can be found.

So, the choice is simple. Live with all that paperwork, or toss it out starting today. Register now, there is no fee or obligation for a trial user account. Try it out at your own leisure, and if you like what you see, upgrade to our premium services, for as low as $1.00 per claim, $1.05 per mailed billing statement, $0.80 per mailed recall card. Ask about our email and sms text recalls, and patient record storage capabilites. Then join your peers who are experiencing the active software difference. Since 2001, it's all available right here and now. More...

- The EyeCareConnect Team

Hands-Free Recalls

Keep your appointment book full with automated annual recall postcards and text messages! Reduce costly no-shows with preappointed recall reminders. Create others with just a few mouse-clicks. You'll never forget to send recalls again, we do all the work and send them for you.

Hands-Free Billing

Our intelligent agent accurately ages patient recievables and mails professional quality billing statements at the proper intervals. Become your own billing service with virtually no effort, it's all built right in.

Hands-Free Claims

EyeCareConnect can dramatically improve cash-flow by automatically processing electronic claims on your behalf. Slash the time involved with insurance handling, and monitor it all from the claims tracking screen.

Manage Multiple Offices

Running a multiple office practice? Tying it all together is a core strength of EyeCareConnect. Setting up and managing additional locations is a breeze. Run reports against one or all with a simple mouse-click.

Browser Accessibility 

No complex software to install, update, or purchase. Use standard web browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari on Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and various handheld devices.

HIPAA Certified 

Independent certification assures you our native ANSI X12N claims generation meets exacting WEDI/SNIP test guidelines. More...

Secure Your Data

With the same secure technologies used by the top medical, financial, and industrial sites, rest assured your data is secure in the EyeCareConnect professionally hosted data centers in both Philadelphia, PA and Ashburn, VA.